#12 Vintage/Beginner Trial Results Posted


What a great event.  It’s always good to have an event after the Championship Series is over to give our members one last shot at getting some Worker Points and this did just that for several members that now qualify for an Award.  I hope these Organizers will put this event on next year as the “Turkey Trial” and keep it as it was as a Vintage/Beginner Trial.

30 riders, 14 volunteers

There was no update to the Overall Standings since this event was not part of the Championship Series.  However, the Worker Points Standings was updated.

Next, the Board will:
1.  Determine who will actually receive an award, and
2.  Review and award points for the various Jobs that make this club be so great!!!

Expect the next update to be in mid-December.

#11 Spooky Trial Results Posted


Send us an email if you have any questions on the results.

Sat:   60 riders, 17 volunteers
Sun:  46 riders, 18 volunteers

Lucky for some of you that still need Worker Points to qualify for their Award, there is one last opportunity on Nov 20th to come out and check for the Vintage/Beginner 1-Day Trial that Jack Wheeler and Dan McManus are putting on.  Even though it is a 1 Day Event, Camping is allowed on both Friday and Saturday night, so make it a weekend full of fun.  I have indicated in Red those that are still short.  Some that are 10 WPs short will need Family members to chip in and help as well.

I also started transferring the Family Points to what made sense to me or you were even contacted by me on how you would like them split up to other members on your membership.  This is not final.  There will be another opportunity to change these.

When the Board has reviewed and approved the Award Winners, they will be posted likely mid December timeframe.

Finally, CONGRATULATIONS to the following people who have clinched their Championship and are Eligible for an award this past weekend as they needed this final event to seal the deal.

Family Trial Series:
EX-0:  Brodie Bill
MB-1:  Tony Cortez
MB-3:  Cari Simonelli
TS-2:  Clay Dawley  (Won by Tiebreaker – WOW!!!)
JR-4:  Leah Firth

Class A Series:
INT B:  Sydney Taylor
SI B:  Steve Sasse

Small Wheel Championship Series:
SW-1 (EXPERT):  Graydon Cortez
SW-2 (JR):  Leah Firth

#10 Granite Trial Results Posted


Send me an email if you have any questions on the results.

Sat:   79 riders, 20 volunteers
Sun:  53 riders, 23 volunteers

Due to the cancelation of #9 Bear Valley Weekend, the Family Trial Series will now be BEST 5 w/ still dropping your lowest 3 scores of held events; Class A Series will now be Best 7.  I normally wouldn’t do this, but with all of the cancelations we’ve had and the way the scoring is, I decided to include TOTAL’ column which will show what the scores will be if the last event, Spooky Trial, is canceled.  There’s no indication that this will happen; even in a monsoon rain, Prairie City allows our events to be held.  Nonetheless, I included it anyway just so no one would be surprised to see their placements change if it was canceled.

I also pointed out in red in comments some Riders that might qualify for a Series award but have not met the required 10 worker points (WPs).  Some of these people may benefit from a Family Transfer of points which is not done until after the season finale.

Finally, CONGRATULATIONS to the following people who have clinched their Championship with still some classes coming down to the last event:

Family Trial Series:
MB-2:  Joe Bill
MB-4:  Lisa Todd
TS-1:  Matt Wanlin
TS-3:  Jeff Crawford
JR-1:  Anna Taylor
JR-2:  Royce Arneson
JR-3:  Casen Bill

Class A Series:
MAS:  Bryce Pophal
EXP:  Matt Wanlin
ADV A:  Howard Galbreath
ADV B:  Kris McBride
INT A:  Scott McKay
SI A:  Creighton Todhunter
SPT A:  Joe Bill
SPT B:  John Nivinski

Small Wheel Championship Series:
SW-0 (PRO):  Donovan Cortez
SW-3 (Mini-Clubman):  Ryker Blevins


Due to recent rain and the USFS opening up areas, the PITS property is now open as of 9/20/21.

The Granite Trial is a go at this point and looks promising. Flyer coming soon.

Please, NO FIRES, SPARK ARRESTORS REQUIRED and smoking only in the gravel parking area.

#8 Sierra Classic Trial Results Posted


Sat:   49 riders, 17 volunteers
Sun:  41 riders, 19 volunteers

#7 Kraut Cup Trial Results Posted


Sat:   56 riders, 18 volunteers
Sun:  50 riders, 20 volunteers

#6 Crumble/Hard Head Trial Results Posted


Sat:   77 riders, 17 volunteers
Sun:  61 riders, 23 volunteers

#5 Hard Rock Trial Results Posted


We apologize for how long it took to publish these Official Results.  We strive to publish the Results within a week at the latest.

Sat:   83 riders, 20 volunteers
Sun:  63 riders, 20 volunteers

Register for the next event ONLINE!

You can now register for Sacramento PITS events online! Click to register and pay for your entry fee for the next trial in advance.

Note that you will still visit the check-in desk at the event to sign the waiver and get your score card.

Questions? Email sactopits@gmail.com.

#3 & #4 British American Cup Trial Results Posted


Sat:   91 riders, 21 volunteers
Sun:  67 riders, 20 volunteers

Family Trial Series & Class A Series # of Drops


We apologize for not having this announcement prior to the Season.

Based on the Handbook and the “Scheduled Events” at the start of the season, the number of Drops for each Series will be as follows:

Family Trial Series:  10 Events, therefore there will be 3 drops.  Best 7.  However, since Prison Hill Event was canceled, then it will be Best 6.

Class A Series:  11 Events, 3 drops.  Best 8.  If an event is canceled, then it will be Best 7, etc.

Note, the BAC is 2 Class A Events (No Family Trial Series Event) and Prison Hill was 1 Family Trial Event Held over 2 days (No Class A Series Event).

#2 Rocky Ridge Trial Results Posted


Please be patient while we continue to discuss how many “drops” there will be in each Series.   The Overall for both series contains a note at the top of the page that states “TOTAL is official total with BEST TBD scores”.   As soon as this is decided, we will post the announcement.

Sat:   77 riders, 17 volunteers
Sun:  61 riders, 20 volunteers

#1 T.D.S. Trial Results Posted


What an amazing turnout.  Rocky Ridge weather forecast looking great.  Being the first event of the year and a lot of new members, please look over your name and make sure we’re spelling it correctly.  Send us an email using the link on the Current Year Results Page.  Use that link for any questions you have regarding any results, or rules, etc.

Sat:   95 riders, 14 volunteers
Sun:  74 riders, 18 volunteers

PITS 2021 Event Update


Sacramento PITS is looking forward to 2021!

Due to popular demand, we have updated the Events and Calendar pages with the 2021 schedule of events. NOTE, however, that many things are still unknown this year, so the schedule may change.

Please check back to the Events page for updated information and potential cancellations.


Sacramento PITS is sorry to announce that the 2020 points series has been cancelled and all remaining events at venues other than our property have been cancelled. Prison Hill, Bear Valley, Carnegie and most likely the PC Spooky trial.

Although, we are still scheduling Fun Trials at the PITS property
Boreal West Trial August 15th &16th (PITS Property)
Granite Trial October 10 & 11th (PITS Property)
Sections and course will be set up like a regular event.

The General format will as follows:
2020 will be a fun year, no end of season rider points or awards.
$20 rider fee per event regardless of PITS card color.
Simplify whole event by doing, self signup, pay, sign waiver, pickup scorecard, self or buddy score
No checkers, no lunches, trophies optional, just fun
Select someone to do the back mark
Organizer to do scoring after the event, perhaps have awards at the next weekend event.
All worker points earned in 2019 & 2020 will be used to determine card color for 2021

Wilseyville National at Schaad Ranch Canceled


Unfortunately the National at Schaad Ranch has been canceled. The event was originally scheduled for late April, and was then postponed to late May. As of April 17, the North American Trials Council made the difficult decision to cancel all currently published MotoTrials National Events, East/West youth Nationals, and TDN efforts for 2020. Read the letter from Brad Baumert here.

#2 Memorial Trial Results Posted


The weather and the Coronavirus Pandemic kept the turnout low.

Sat:   46 riders (Last year 83), 20 volunteers
Sun:  40 riders (Last year 68), 18 volunteers

Rocky Ridge Trial Update – Postponed


Unfortunately the decision has been made to postpone the Rocky Ridge Trial, scheduled for March 28 & 29, 2020. Please check back for a new date or possible cancelation. Stay healthy everyone!

Wilseyville National Update – Date Change

The date for the Wilseyville National at Schaad Ranch has been changed to May 23 & 24, 2020.

At this time we are still planning to hold this event, following government and CDC guidelines for public safety.

Memorial Trial Update
3/13/2020  6:00 pm
We received news late last night that the Governor issued an Executive Order which directs canceling large gatherings of more than 250 people due to the Coronavirus Epidemic. We were assured by the OVH Park Official that our event is allowed to proceed which is consistent with the Executive Order: "... while smaller events can proceed only if the organizers can implement social distancing of 6 feet per person." This will impact the following areas, Tech Inspection, Signups, and Rider's Meeting. The Organizers have been working hard on creating fun and in some cases new areas that we haven't used before and have eased up many of the sections in anticipation of the incoming rain. We look forward to seeing you. Please check the website for the latest information.
British American Cup Trial Results Posted


Record breaking turnout (since I’ve been a member 2012).  Looks like it’s going to be a great year.  If your name is not spelled right or we assigned your volunteer RiderPts to the wrong class, please contact us so that we can correct it.  It is easier to correct these kinds of things in the beginning of the year.

Sat:  95 riders (Last year 50), 18 volunteers
Sun:  86 riders (Last year 48), 23 volunteers

#2 Memorial Trial @ Prairie City SVRA will Require Registration**


The 2020 Memorial Trial and future events held at Prairie City will include verifying valid registration at Tech Inspection. The Tech Inspector will be looking for one of the following:
1) Green Sticker
2) Red Sticker
3) CA Non-Resident Sticker
4) Out of State Registered Decal
5) Temporary Registration Documentation

#1 BAC Event IMPORTANT Update

2/29/2020 11:42am

Some of our members accessed the BAC Flyer via the Flyer menu which did not have the map to the BAC Event. It only had the 1st page of the flyer on it. When the user scrolled to the next page, they were actually taken to the next flyer that was posted which was the Schaad Ranch National and the map of the Schaad Ranch was interpreted as the map of the BAC Event.  This has been corrected.  We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have a Smart Phone, you can also click on the BAC Calendar Event and click on the Google Map and use your smart phone to navigate to all of our events.

2020 Calendar of Events is LIVE


All of the 2020 events have been added to the calendar! Note that events that have not been confirmed, or for which details are still outstanding, are marked “tentative.” Be sure to check back for updates on those events.

2019 Award Winners Posted


The 2019 Award Winners have been approved by the Board. Check out the Overall Standings for both the Family Trial Series and the Class A Series to see who qualified. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to Send Us an Email.

The 2019 Final Worker Points have not been resolved. Still waiting for the Board to assign worker points for the various administrative jobs. Stay tuned.

Training Day Date Change — Now Sunday, December 15, 2019


The annual Training Day for checkers, organizers and beginning riders was scheduled on Saturday, December 7, but the date has been changed to SUNDAY, December 15, 2019. Questions? Contact organizers Sherwood Gibson and Paul Master.

Worker Points Updated


Worker Points have been updated which include the Schaad Ranch Work Party and also Family Redistribution.

The Schaad Work Party was worth 10pts each day. The PITS Work Party is only worth 5pts. The reason for the difference is that Schaad was supposed to be 8hr days instead of the half day we work at PITS WP. Nonetheless, future signup sheets you will not only sign in, but you will check whether you plan to work a full day or half day so we award the proper amount of points.

We have redistributed your Family Worker Points based on what would benefit you the most, but it is the Rider’s responsibility to review their Worker Points and send us an email if you want your family’s points redistributed differently. Keep in mind there are still Administrative Jobs and the “Tentative” Training Day still have to be awarded.

Attention Competitors – Nov 15 Deadline


For any rider that competed in multiple classes, you have until Nov 15th to send us an email if you want your Checker/Organizer/Scorer RiderPts moved to a different class. The Board will review the Overall Standings that is provided to them shortly after the Nov 15th deadline to determine who will receive a Overall Season Award. To qualify for an Award this year you must  1) Ride or Work in at least 6 events, AND 2) have 10 Worker Points. Your Worker Points can be transferred from a family member to meet this criteria.

#12 Spooky Trial Results Posted


Wow…What a huge turnout for Saturday. The extreme winds on Sunday forced Organizers to cancel the 3rd loop to relieve the Checker Volunteers who undoubtedly were the heroes of the day. I’ve never seen so many trials riders wearing goggles before.

Sat:  70 riders (Last year:  54), 18 volunteers
Sun:  51 riders (Last year:  53), 21 volunteers

CONGRATULATIONS to all those that clinched their Championships this past weekend:
EX-0   Trevor Thomassen
MB-2  John Lee (Still needs 10 Worker Points to Qualify for Award)
MB-3  Clay Dawley
TS-1    Rick Wolff
TS-2   Grant Menghini (Still needs 5 WPs to Qualify for Award)
JR-2    Sinjin Steiner
JR-3    Anna Taylor

ADV A  Mike Muldoon
ADV B  Mark Beers  (Still needs 5 WPs to Qualify for Award)
INT A   Barry Lowery
INT B   Tony Campagna

#11 Granite Trial Results Posted


Sat:  65 riders (Last year:  45), 19 volunteers
Sun:  52 riders (Last year:  40), 23 volunteers

CONGRATULATIONS to all those that clinched their Championships this past weekend:
TS-4    Gordon Moore  (Still needs 5 Worker Points to Qualify for Award)
MAS   Bryce Pophal
EXP    Trevor Thomassen
SI A    Paul Master
Spt B  Steve Sasse

** Prairie City Events to Require Registration/Sticker Check**

The 2019 Spooky Trial and future events held at Prairie City will now include verifying valid registration at Tech Inspection. The Tech Inspector will be looking for one of the following:
1) Green Sticker
2) Red Sticker
3) CA Non-Resident Sticker
4) Out of State Registered Decal
5) Temporary Registration Documentation

#10 Bear Valley Trial Results Posted


Sat:  77 riders (Last year:  60), 21 volunteers
Sun:  70 riders (Last year:  59), 23 volunteers

CONGRATULATIONS to all those that clinched their Championships:
MB-1  Brandt Kennedy
MB-4  Dina Schnurbusch
JR-1    Sydney Taylor
JR-4    Royce Arneson

SI B    Rod McKenzie
Spt A Creighton Todhunter
TS Spt  Joe Bill


It was decided to not enforce the “Transfer Rule” this year due to several factors.  The #9 Boreal Class A Results have been updated to reflect this decision.    


#9 Boreal West Trial Results Posted


Sat:  57 riders (Last year:  Not Held due to National), 12 volunteers
Sun:  50 riders (Last year:  Not Held due to National), 19 volunteers


You can only move up or down once during the Class A Series Season.  For example, if a rider moves from SI B to INT B and then decides later to compete at any other class other than INT B then that Rider will be moved to the Open Class in the Official Results.  (See Handbook page 12 under the Membership Pulldown menu).  This rule does NOT apply to the Family Trial Series.


#8 Cookie/Roman Crumble Trial Results Posted


Sat:  69 riders (Last year:  Not Held due to National), 16 volunteers
Sun:  54 riders (Last year:  Not Held due to National), 23 volunteers

Dougie Lampkin School – Saturday August 10th
Vertigo Test Day – Sunday August 11th

We are incredibly lucky as a Club to have a 12 time World Champion come to us to host a Trials School!

The school is being brought to you by Vertigo USA / Lewisport & Sacramento PITS.

We only have a few spaces left — if you want to ride in the class please contact – Mandy at Lewisport USA to reserve a place – Shop: 209 785 6878 Cell: 505 515 5005

(Also keep in mind, Lewisport and Dougie are hosting a School the
weekend before in Utah. They may have space available if you can not make the CA School. Utah School– 3rd August – Start Time 7.30am – All Day —
Vertigo Test Ride Day on Sunday 4th.)

Saturday – Trials School
The Trials School will take place on the 10th August 2019 and will start at 9am on Saturday morning –and will run all day with a break for Lunch
Location: Sacramento PITS Property
Please note: Out of respect for the paid school attendants, please, no spectator or non school members riding in the area of the school activities. Everyone will have to sign a Waiver.

Sunday – Fun Vertigo Test Ride Day
This will start at 9am on Sunday morning. We will set a variety of sections — You can ride your own bike through the sections firstly — and then try a Vertigo ( we will have different models available.)

Dougie & James will be there to host this event as well.

Vertigo USA /Lewisport / Sac PITS

#7 Hard Rock Trial Results Posted


Don’t forget to check out our FaceBook page for photos and videos.

Sat:  69 riders (Last year:  Not Held due to National), 19 volunteers
Sun:  62 riders (Last year:  Not Held due to National), 27 volunteers

Boreal Trial Venue Changed to PITS Property


The Boreal Trial, scheduled for August 17 – 18, 2019, will be held at the PITS Property, NOT at the Boreal Ski Resort.

Unfortunately Boreal is doing maintenance work, and couldn’t schedule our event on their property this year.

Join us for this fun event (known this year as “Boreal West”) but make sure you come to PITS for it!

#6 Kraut Cup Trial Results Posted


What a great way to escape the valley heat.  Perfect weather at our awesome property.  Don’t forget to check out our FaceBook page for photos and videos.

Sat:  74 riders (Last year 61), 19 volunteers
Sun:  59 riders (Last year 58), 23 volunteers

Carnegie SVRA under threat! Send a message to your elected officials through the AMA’s website here!

Senate Bill 767 is now on the Senate floor. It has passed out of the final Senate committee and is now eligible for a vote.

The bill encourages the sale of the Carnegie expansion property, known as the Alameda-Tesla Expansion Area, which was purchased using funds from the Off Highway Vehicle Trust Fund, with agreement as to the future purpose of the land (expanding Carnegie SVRA) signed by adjacent landowners.

SB 767 seeks to deny the OHV community a long overdue opportunity for increased motorized recreational opportunities. It also sets a dangerous precedent by emboldening local landowners who object to the location of any state park, preserve or beach to push legislation to privatize that specific location.

OHV recreationists must immediately contact their elected officials and remind them of the agreement that was made when the expansion properties were acquired. It is also important to remind them that the program uses no General Fund monies and is, in fact, based on a user-pay, user-benefit style model. Monies used to pay for the program include those taxes collected on fuel, SVRA entrance fees and vehicle registrations (green and red stickers).

The OHV community has long paid its own way and will continue to do so, as long as these monies are used for their intended purpose.

Click here to send a message to your elected officials through the AMA website, or contact them directly.

We’re Sad to Announce the Passing of Longtime PITS Member Eugene “Gene” Mendonca

Gene was a beloved friend and member of PITS for many, many years. He was a really great guy who was always ready to help. In fact, he was the “go-to” checker for 25+ years! Gene rode the vintage class at many events. He will be greatly missed.

Eugene “Gene” Mendonca was born May 30, 1941, to Melvin and Isabelle (Teceira) Mendonca. He passed away March 21, 2019, in Folsom , CA where he spent his childhood and was a 1959 graduate of Folsom High School.

Gene served 2 years in the U.S. Army and shortly after completing his service, he went to work for the CA Department of Transportation.

After spending 32 years maintaining the roads on Donner Summit, he retired and returned to the family home in Folsom.

Gene had many interests – specifically his love of motorcycles and riding trials events, model railroading and trains, creating artwork with pastels, and traveling. If you ever needed a “route” planned out for a trip through the Western or Southwestern states, Gene was the guy to go to! He could direct you to some of the most interesting, out-of-the-way sites and he knew every nondescript road there was.

He was loved by many and will be greatly missed by his wife Lois, his many cousins, and lifelong friends. As requested by Gene, there will be no memorial service.

“Eat Your Dessert First… Life is Uncertain”

Cow Pile Trial CANCELLED Due to Rain

The Cow Pile Trial this weekend (May 18 – 19, 2019) has been cancelled due to rain forecast totals at Gambonini Ranch.
There is a policy enforced by local jurisdictions on rain totals within a certain time frame in order to allow off road use.

#4 Schaad Ranch Trial Results Posted


What a fantastic weekend.  We had folks from out of state as this was the 2nd of 7 events for the Conquer the West Series and Sunday was the 3rd round of the California State Championship Series. Schaad Ranch Trial and Cow Pile have the Best Loops our club has to offer.  Cow Pile is the next Event….Hope to see all those new faces there too.  Check out our FaceBook page for photos and videos.

Sat:  82 riders (Last year 62), 18 volunteers
Sun:  84 riders (Last year 60), 23 volunteers

#3 Rocky Ridge Trial Results Posted


Sat:  72 riders (Last year 57), 20 volunteers
Sun:  71 riders (Last year 66), 23 volunteers

John’s Drone Video     Paul’s Kids Trial Video    Pat’s Photos

#2 Memorial Trial Results Posted


WOW!!!  What a turnout.  With the great weather, it turned out to be the largest Saturday Event of all venues and the largest Sunday Trial at Prairie City in the 7 years I’ve been with the club.  We had tremendous volunteer support on Sunday allowing for 2 checkers on each section but 2 helping to speed up the lines.

Sat:  83 riders (Last year 44), 17 volunteers
Sun:  68 riders (Last year 54), 24 volunteers

Harry Oswald Video on Master Line

Event #2 – Memorial Trial at Prairie City, March 16-17


Join us for a fantastic weekend of Trials at the Prairie City SVRA! This Event in the past has been called the “Fenner Memorial Trial”.  Due to the passing of so many important members, this Trial has been renamed to  the “Memorial Trial” so that once a year we can remember all the PITS members who have contributed to Trials and not just a single individual.

Saturday’s Event Check-in is at 11am-12; start at 12pm.
Sunday’s Event Check-in is at 9-10am; start at 10am.

This event is being held at the Prairie City SVRA.  Camping is available.  Flush toilets are working again.  Bring your own drinking water.  Camping is available Friday and Saturday night.

Calendar Event Details                   Flyer              Checker Signups

British American Cup Trial Results Posted


This was a rainy weekend yet an impressive turnout.  Looks like it’s going to be a great year.  If your name is not spelled right or we assigned your volunteer RiderPts to the wrong class, please contact us so that we can correct it.  It is easier to correct these kinds of things in the beginning of the year.

Sat:  50 riders (Last year 40), 15 volunteers
Sun:  48 riders (Last year 54), 16 volunteers

Event #1 – British American Cup Trial, February 16-17


This event will be held on private property in Coperopolis, CA.  Have a smart phone? Use the Calendar Event Details and click on map to get driving directions to take you to the exact location of the signups.   Lewisport will be hosting an OPEN HOUSE at their new location after the Saturday Trial.  Please help our Organizers out and sign up to check ahead of time.

Calendar Event Details                   Flyer              Checker Signups

2019 Calendar Finalized


There will be 13 Family Trial Series Events (Sat) and 13 Class A Trial Events (Sun) this year up from 10 last year. Both Series will allow for 3 dropped Events which means if no Events are cancelled this year then the Overall Championship will be based on your Best 10 Events. If 1 Event was cancelled then it will be your Best 9 Events, and so on.

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Our FAQ answers many of the questions asked about Trials riding. Read More…