Boreal Trial Official Results Posted


Saturday (VB): 54 riders, 18 volunteers

Sunday (Class A): 53 riders, 19 volunteers

*** Don’t forget to check out the Rankings to see how you Sunday riders compared on riding the Log (Section 7).

Event #8 – Boreal Trial,  August 20-21


This event is being held at Boreal.

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Kevin Davey’s Cancer Treatment Fund


Please read this message about one of our beloved members and consider making a donation.

Kraut CupTrial Official Results Posted


Saturday (VB): 51 riders, 16 volunteers

Sunday (Class A): 44 riders, 16 volunteers

California OHV Motor Vehicle Recreation Division is in Peril


Please read this message from AMA District 36 and TAKE ACTION!!!  It will only take 5 minutes of your time.  Just Do it!!!

Event #7 – Kraut Cup Trial,  July 16-17


This event is being held at the PITS Property.

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SACTOPITS Crowns 2 National Champions


Congratulations to our very own Filip Roos (SR50) and Pat McPhetridge (CLUBMAN) as they were declared National Champions.  Congrats are also in order to Kevin Davey (SPORTSMAN) and Robby Graves (CLUBMAN) as they were runner ups.  Sacramento PITS ultimately had a total of 13 riders participate in at least one event.


Hard Rock Trial Official Results Posted


Saturday (VB): 43 riders, 13 volunteers

Sunday (Class A): 51 riders, 21 volunteers

Work Party Success


There were 39 workers that came out. For a full report and photos check out our Facebook Page.

Event #6 – Hard Rock Trial,  June 11-12


This event is being held at the PITS Property.

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Work Party & Training School,  June 4


This event is for MEMBERS ONLY being held at the PITS Property.

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Cow Pile Trial Official Results Posted


Saturday (VB): 54 riders, 15 volunteers
Sunday (Class A): 51 riders, 22 volunteers

Scottish 6 Days Trials Trip Report & Videos


Make sure you check out our very own Adrian Lewis’ trip report and videos of “THE biggest trials event in the world” on his LewisportUSA website.  Six days, 30 sections/day, 100miles/day.  Congrats to all who attempted this unbelievable event.  Also, check out the Official Scottish Six Day Trial Website for more reports.

2016 Official Results (only shows finishers)

Event #5 – Cow Pile Trial,  May 14-15


This event is being held in Petaluma, CA.

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Western Youth Nationals & Women’s Championship,  June 22-24


This event is being held in Canyon City, CO.

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Schaad Trial Official Results Posted


Saturday (VB): 30 riders, 16 volunteers
Sunday (Class A): 41 riders, 18 volunteers

Event #4 – Schaad Ranch Trial,  April 23-24


The Schaad Ranch Trial looks to be an awesome venue with some beautiful creek riding.

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Carr Trial Official Results Posted


Saturday (VB): 38 riders, 16 volunteers
Sunday (Class A): 49 riders, 18 volunteers

Event #3 – Carr Rocky Ridge Trial,  April 2-3


The Carr Rocky Ridge Trial will be held down the street from our normal camp spot due to El Nino.

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Fenner Memorial Trial Official Results Posted


Saturday (VB):  51 riders, 18 volunteers
Sunday (Class A):  45 riders (33 last year), 21 volunteers

Event #2 – Fenner Memorial,  March 19-20


The Fenner Memorial will be held at Prairie City SVRA this year on March 19-20.

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Unofficial & Official Results Posted for the Season Opener BAC


Saturday (VB):  34 riders, 14 volunteers
Sunday (Class A):  39 riders, 14 volunteers

Story Winery Event Cancelled; Replaced w/ Schaad Ranch Trial


Sorry for the inconvenience but the Story Winery located in Plymouth, CA is being changed to a different location to the Schaad Ranch in Wilseysville, CA during the same weekend of April 23-24.  Please make a note of it if you started updating your calendar.

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Season Opener British American Cup March 5-6


Season Opener will be held at Copperopolis this year on March 5-6.  Let’s get it on!!!

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