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Friday, Nov 28 (Day after Thanksgiving).  Come on out and join several members that will be out at Prairie City SVRA for a day of fun riding.  If you missed the Turkey Trial, come on out and re ride some of the sections.  If you're new to the area or to the sport or just want to try it out, come on out.  This is not an organized event.

Saturday, Dec 6.  Training Day at Praire City.  See flyer for details.

Recap of Previous Events

The Turkey Trial, our final competition event of the year at Praire City SVRA on Nov 8-9, was a tale of two extremes where as Saturday's Vintage/Beginner Trial was a lot easier than Sunday's Class A Trial as there were quite a few scores above 70 and some in the 90's on Sunday's Trial.  The high score on Saturday was in the low 30's.  The weather was awesome on both days.  The official results have been posted.  Thanks to all the organizers, checkers, helpers for making this weekend a great weekend.  It was great seeing two MASTERS, Harry Oswald and Kris Webber, compete on some of those gnarly sections.   


If anyone has a link to a photo bucket or other pictures please send to us so we can link on the website.