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The Carrs Rocky Ridge trial is coming up soon. I great event at a great area. Carrs flyer.

Prairie City is once again seeking public opinion on how to develop the area.  This includes some adjacent property not currently used.  Please take the time and click on the General Plan link.  As you step through, there are multiple places where you can enter "other" uses for development.  Entering "Develop more trials areas" could lead to  more trials sections at the park. 
In the last 10 years, PITS events have progressed from a single one day event per year to two day events per year.  Due to the limited terrain, it is extremely difficult to provide new/ different sections at each event. We could certainly use any additional sections/ areas the park can provide so that each organizer can offer an interesting event to club members.  Clicking the link and entering some preferences only takes a couple of minutes.   PrairieCityGeneralPlan.com


Check out the new practice assignment before the next event.

Motorcycle jump rope