Bear Valley Trial – September 19-20

Bear Valley Ski Resort, Bear Valley, CA       Event Details        Flyer

Boreal Trial Official Results Posted

After almost two months since the last trial, Saturday had the biggest turnout of the year. Some links to photos are posted as well under the “Resources > Videos & Pictures” (or click here).

Saturday: 58 competitors, 15 volunteers
Sunday: 37 competitors, 20 volunteers

Boreal Trial – August 22-23

Boreal Ski Resort, Soda Springs, CA       Event Details        Flyer

Clay Pits SVRA (Oroville) – Ride for Free & Potential Venue


Prairie City Officials recommended that SACPITS hold an event at the Clay PITS SVRA.  There would be no Permit Fee at this location.  Need potential organizers to check out the area for feasibility to host an event there.  They even mentioned that there is no fee to ride there right now.  Not 100% sure on that, but it could be true as there are many times that Prairie City SVRA Kiosk is closed and there is no fee to ride.

AHRMA Event @ Boreal  –  July 25-26

For any of our Saturday riders there is an AHRMA event up at Boreal this weekend. If you have never been to an AHRMA trial and you ride on Saturday at our events, then you might want to give this a try. The lines are 4,3,2,1 and are similar to ours maybe a bit easier. It is a great opportunity to ride up a line and not lose out on points, and see how you do on a harder line. It cost 45 bucks per day and it is a two day event. Some will be camping up at the PITS Property as well. — Joe Bill

Ray Peters Trials Training  –  July 10-12

With 5 riders on Friday, 15 on Saturday, and 10 on Sunday, the Ray Peters trials school held at PITS property this past weekend was a roaring success. There were many familiar faces and quite a few new ones in the crowd. The weather was perfect, the soil moist and grippy, and a good time was had by all. Thanks to all who attended, and special thanks to Ray for coming out and helping us all to break through our current crux points and giving us things to work
on over the coming months.  — Sherwood

Check out the photos from Craig under the “Resources > Videos & Pictures”  (or click here).

Ray Peters Trials Training  –  July 10-12

Hi All,
Hope everyone is as excited for the return of Ray Peters to PITS this weekend to give us the next set of trials skills to work on. Please get me your checks (made out to Ray Peters) or bring them to the school day of (please let me know if you plan of paying day of so I can update the roster.) You must also be a PITS member in order to attend the school so, if you have not done so, please download the PITS membership form from the website and bring that and a check for $50 made out to Sacramento PITS.

As I mentioned previously, I have rented a 3/4 bedroom cabin at Serene Lakes for the weekend (Friday and Saturday nights , all day Friday and all day Sunday so no early check out on Sunday, late showers available) for putting Ray up and there are spots available with beds, shower, kitchen, and a garage for bike storage. This will be a fun weekend and last year there was some serious bench racing going on with Ray at the cabin after the school was done for the day. Please contact me via email or cell 916 802 7469 if you need a place to crash/hangout.  Cost is $45 per person, per night.

Best regards,

Kraut Cup Trial Official Results Posted

What a great weekend to be up in the mountains.  As it was triple digits in the valley, it was high 80’s up here.  With so many sections in the shade made for an awesome trial.  Some links to photos from Craig posted as well under the “Resources > Videos & Pictures”  (or click here).

Saturday: 47 competitors, 19 volunteers
Sunday: 39 competitors, 24 volunteers

Hard Rock Trial Official Results Posted

The new property allowed for some great new sections. The weather was awesome. The “Sides” crew made their way back up from Southern Cal to join us again and they brought some more friends this time. Hope we see them again later this year (hint…hint). What a great time. Some links to photos from Craig and Joe have been posted as well under the “Resources > Videos & Pictures”  (or click here).

Saturday: 48 competitors, 20 volunteers
Sunday: 35 competitors, 21 volunteers

Work Party & Trials School Success


Twenty-Six people came out to this year’s Work Party & Trials School on Saturday, May 30th. Rick, as always, did a superb job at organizing and delegating the work. Most of the work was focused on an alternate route up from the lower loop than the “Goat Trail” to access our new adjacent 7 acres purchased last year. It will be used at the Hard Rock Trial in two weeks…can’t wait. Some others worked on clearing a new section on the upper part of the loop.

After lunch, Barry and Howard led the Trials School. Filip Roos provided some great tips as well. Look out for the up and comer Kris Roos; he’s got tons of potential.

Check out the videos and photos from Sherwood by clicking here.

Cow Pile Trial Official Results Posted


Saturday: 34 competitors, 15 volunteers
Sunday: 36 competitors, 18 volunteers

Carr’s Rocky Ridge Trial Official Results Posted


Saturday: 36 competitors, 14 volunteers
Sunday: 37 competitors, 18 volunteers

Ray Peters Trials Training  –  July 10-12 – Signup by May 10th


Ray Peters, factory Beta rider and 10x NATC Expert National Champion, will be hosting a 3-day Trials Training School on July 10-12 at the PITS property. Cost is $100/day. You can sign up for as many days as you wish. The class will end typically when Riders have had enough. Deadline to sign up is May 10th. For questions or to sign up, please contact Sherwood Gibson.

  • Friday @ 12pm.  Private lessons. (limit 3-5 riders)
  • Saturday @ 10am.  Fundamentals with wheels on the ground…basic turns, peg weighting, single and double blip on obstacles, body positioning, finding traction…clutching, braking and throttle interplay and application strategies, bike fit and bike setup, suspension setup, tire pressures, mental preparation, section evaluation and strategies…etc. (limit 8-15 riders)
  • Sunday @ 10am.  Builds on Saturday with wheels off the ground… wheelies, floaters, front and rear wheel hopping, splatters, drop-offs, gaps, flip turns, more on section strategy and when and when not to apply the advanced skills…etc. Ray recommends taking the Saturday class as a precursor to Sunday to get the most out of the Sunday class. (limit 8-15 riders)
Fenner Memorial Trial Official Results Posted


Saturday: 43 competitors, 14 volunteers
Sunday: 34 competitors, 18 volunteers

National Series Results Posted


The Mototrials Site Results link is broken. Click HERE for the one that works. Look for our very own: Harrison Oswald (EXPERT), Sam Meyerpeter (125 EXPERT), Riley Slaight (JUNIOR), Kevin Davey (SPORTSMAN), Sherwood Gibson, Nicholas Albertson, Jonathan Meyerpeter (CLUBMAN).  National Series sections have 4 lines:  Pro, Expert, Support, Clubman.  Keep in mind there are 12 sections when looking at the scores unlike 10 at our club trial event.


You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Our FAQ answers many of the questions asked about Trials riding. Read More…