Spooky Trial @ Prairie City SVRA
Oct 26 – Oct 27 all-day

**** UPDATE:  The 2019 Spooky Trial and future events held at Prairie City will now include verifying valid registration at Tech Inspection.
The Tech Inspector will be looking for one of the following:

1) Green Sticker
2) Red Sticker
3) CA Non-Resident Sticker
4) Out of State Registered Decal
5) Temporary Registration Documentation ****


2015_11TurkeyTrial_FlyerSaturday Kid’s Trial at 10am.
Saturday’s Main Event Check-in is at 11am-12; start at 12pm.
Sunday’s Event Check-in is at 9-10am; start at 10am.

Camping is FREE Friday and Saturday night.  Bring your own drinking water.  Click on here for the Flyer for more details (Flyer will be available usually 2-3 weeks prior to the event).  Raffle Sunday Sponsored by Mikes Cycle of Placerville.

Sat Organizers. Jack Wheeler, Alison Hermance, Jim Cairnes
Sun Organizers. Shawn Freiling, John Wunschel, Joel Thomure

Carnegie Trial — CANCELLED @ Carnegie SVRA
Nov 9 – Nov 10 all-day

Unfortunately we will not be holding a trial at Carnegie this year.

Training Day @ TBA
Dec 7 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

More details to be announced, but save the date!

Schaad Ranch National @ Schaad Ranch
May 2 – May 3 all-day

****Map to Schaad Ranch****

Many more details on this NATC National Event will be coming soon! These dates are still tentative until the NATC meeting October 25 – 26, 2019.

The Google Map above is inaccurately showing the exact location of the trial. If you click on the lower right portion of the map, it will allow you to open up a full-size map in another page showing the EXACT location. You can also select the “Earth” feature if viewed on computer or “Satellite” feature on a cell phone to show you more detail.

Checker lunches will be provided by Andrae’s Bakery. So if you are checking be prepared to be blown away by the delicious-ness of your lunch.