Granite Trial

October 6, 2018 – October 7, 2018 all-day
PITS Property
$35 (Sat), $40 (Sun) minus member discount
Pat McPhetridge
**** UPDATE: Did you attend the National Saturday Exhibition in the evening?  If so, AFTER the awards Saturday, there will be a similar format Exhibition for any of our upper level riders to try.  The sections will be set up by one (or more) Expert/Master Rider(s) near the parking area for optimum spectator experience.  This is just for fun and there are no awards for this Exhibition Event.  ****


The Google Map above is inaccurately showing the exact location of the trial. If you click on the lower right portion of the map, it will allow you to open up a full-size map in another page showing the exact location. You can also select the “Earth” feature if viewed on computer or “Satellite” feature on a cell phone to show you more detail.  You may need to open the Yellow Gate and close it behind you.


Saturday’s Kid Trial Check-in is at 9:30am; start at 10am.
Saturday’s Main Event Check-in is at 11am-12; start at 12pm.
Sunday’s Event Check-in is at 9-10am; start at 10am.


Camping is FREE.  Bring your own drinking water. Click here for Flyer for more details when it becomes available usually within 2-4 weeks in advance of the event.

Click on the Checker Signups below if you want to volunteer to be a checker. This will save the Organizers valuable time during the day of the event if they know ahead of time who is planning to check.  They can assign locations and be more productive about discussing any specifics with the Checkers.

Checker Signups (click here)