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#5 Hard Rock Official Results Posted


The official results are posted here. 
National worker points have been approved and will be posted before the next event. 

#4 Cookie Crumble and Hard Head official results are posted


The official results are posted here.
The Cookie Crumble and Hard Head over the last weekend at the property went seamlessly. Super fun events on both days!

#3 Memorial Trial official results are posted


The official results are posted here.

Thank you to all of our last minute organizers for stepping up so this event could still happen. Thank you to Tony McGrath & friends also for creating and putting together the wonderful memorial table to remember the riders we have lost. 

#2 British American Cup official results are posted 


The official results are posted hereLombardi Ranch did not disappoint this past weekend for the British American Cup. Both the family trial and the class A had ninety five riders! Amazing turnout, a great event and perfect weather for our season opener. 

#1 Year End Awards and Worker Points Posted


The end of the year final results have been posted here. Great riding this year PITS members! If you qualify for a year end award your name will be highlighted in yellow under the results. The end of the year results for worker points are updated as well. Check them out here too see what color discount card you will be receiving for this upcoming season. Thank you to everyone that takes the time to volunteer setting and help out during events. They wouldn't happen without you. 
The banquet is coming up on January 29th at the Elks Lodge in Rancho Cordova. If you haven't sent in your RSVP yet do so as soon as possible. Deadline is January 18th! Hope to see you all there.